Saturday, February 9, 2013

princess of the ocean

hey everyone, so recently vintageortacky posted a queen of ocean tutorial and i was completely in awe. i wanted to come up with something similar , kinda like a princess of the ocean you could say lol. so here is my take on it

on my eyes i use:
mac pigments in clear blue sky and emerald green
glamour doll eyes shadow in recruit
jordana shadow in blue
fyrinnae shadow in are you my mummy and callipygian
 for my brow bone i used: wet and wild in brulee and elf eye transformer
i also used a sallys girl glitter in 388606

nyx lashes in EL129

elf creme liner in black

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wet & Wild Coverall cream foundation and powder first impression

Hey guys and girls. I recently picked up this new foundation and powder from wet & wild and wanted to give you all my quick thoughts on it thus far. This foundation claims to 
  • wear all day
  • have medium to full coverage 
  • is lightweight and have a satin matte finish
  • has visibright complex that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates skin

I washed my face as i would normally do and applied toner and moisturizer 

as you can tell from these pictures my skin isn't perfect but i was hoping that this foundation stood up to it's claim and covered some of this mess.

I started off with applying one layer first with my sigma f80 brush which is a flat top and what i always used to apply any foundation. The foundation calmed down some of the redness and covered a good amount of what i needed it to.

I then went in with another layer just to see how much more it can cover and how well the shade i picked out would match me. I picked out a light/medium.
 As you can tell from this image the foundation really got in there and covered up a lot more. so claim one was on point as to say that this is medium to full coverage. i have oily skin and this gave me a semi matte finish. At first it did feel a little heavy but after it settled it was just a little more light weight. 

 As for the coverall powder , it pretty much claims the same thing the foundation does. The one thing i found annoying about this powder was just how much fallout i received from just a tap of my brush. It was just all over of the place. From the image above you can see that i have the sponge is dirty but i have never used it, that was all from the fallout of the powder...

Next i applied the powder on top of the foundation to set  and i am in love with how much more it covered. The shade i picked didn't exactly match me to a tee because i have an olive/yellow tone to my skin and noticed this foundation gave me more of a pick ting to my face... Nothing major though

So i applied this at 4:30pm. Put some mascara and liner but didnt want to mess too much with the foundation or powder so i didnt apply any blush or bronzer. As of this time my makeup looked awesome and i loved it but lets give it a couple of hours and see how it holds up shall we?

After a little while later i got bored and decided to put some eye shadow on.  so here's a little pictorial of that. 

  •    nyx milk jumbo pencil to lid and blend it out
  • mac pigment in polished ivory to 1/2 of lid 
  • mac pigment in mega rich to outer lid
  • blend crease with medium brown from vanity palette from wet & wild
  • outer v dark brown from vanity palette
  • brow bone white creme shade from palette
liner: revlon grow luscious in espresso and covergirl clump crusher mascara

At 7:30pm i was back at my vanity checking how this baby is holding up.... not too bad for 3 hours of wear.. I do have a super oily T zone so that little bit of shine is anything major . I'm kinda glad its only a little on the tip of my nose

At this point in time i was super tired and just wanted to get this off and head to bed so i checked back in another  2 and a half hours later. The shine traveled up my nose and to my forehead but once again not looking like a greasy mess but just a dewy kinda look.

over all i would give this foundation a 4 out of 5.
all it's claims were pretty on point except i can't put an opinion on the visibright claim because i do not have wrinkles and i haven't used it that much to see if it rejuvenates my skin.
the 4 is because of how powdery the powder is and the fact that oil broke through after only 3 hours

price: creamy foundation $4.49 with $1 off coupon on product
coverall powder $2.99
*both products include talc in its ingredients

I hope this was helpful to someone and if u have anything else you would like reviewed please leave a comment below

Friday, January 4, 2013

makeup collection and storage 2013

hey everyone, so i haven't written a post in like forever. my daughter alyvia is one years old now. can u believe it? i know i can't. if you would like to see some updated pictures of how much she has grown let me know. i would love for all of you to see how big and beautiful she is. It is now 2013 and i recently decided that my new year resolution is going to be making more post and more youtube videos. Makeup is a real and true passion for me and i really wanna get somewhere with my passion. But to make my dream come true i need more people with the same passion as myself to subscribe to my channel and follow my blog, so please like and share my videos and my post anywhere you can. Here is the newest video i just uploaded today. It's a makeup storage and collection video featuring my christmas gift from my family (ikea micke desk and alex 9 drawer unit)I hope you enjoy this video

Monday, January 23, 2012

yes.... she is finally here!!!!!

Alyvia Beth is finally here.... she was born on 12/18/11. sorry this post is up late but dealing with a newborn and a toddler really takes a toll on you. she is 5 weeks now so here is a more updated picture of her

she has been very alert since birth... she holds her head up more now and looks around. as far as bedtime goes she has her good days and her bad days but i have my husbands help so i do get naps during the day.
i have been showing signs of postpartum depression but i have to speak to my doctor more.
oh and if anyone has any websites for headbands with big flowers for Alyvia let me know...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

here's another update...28 weeks and 1 day

so as you can tell from the title i am 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant and as you can tell from the photo i'm not even close to being huge (though that's exactly how i feel). i've been feeling so fatigued and overwhelmed. i can't even stand to be in my own body at times, to be quite honest i cant wait to get this baby out of me. i know once she's out i'll be up with her all times of night and ill be struggling taking care of a new born and a toddler but i figure i'll have more energy then, well at least alot more then i have now. i know i sound like i'm just being a big baby and complaining but i just wanna be real about certain pregnancies because not every pregnancy is peaches and creme. with my other 2 kids i was alot better with my emotions and i won't be as tired as i am now. i was even working when i was pregnant with my son. well anyway i just wanted to give you guys and girls the gist of how i've been and how i've been feeling. she's been moving around alot now and my son got to feel his first kick. lol. it was pretty cute because he was so excited about it. we've chosen the name olivia except we're changing the spelling so its more unique so the spelling of her name will now be Alyvia <--- my daughter picked that out. well yea so that's pretty much it and ill talk to u guys another time when i have more pictures of this growing u all xoxo

Sunday, August 14, 2011

so ive been since forever...heres why

so yea this is why.... lol.. im pregnant.. 5 and a half months to be exact and we're having a girl... we already have a name picked out and everything.. her name is going to be olyvia beth.. im due dec 18 and we are so excited..this will be my husbands first daughter but MY second.. my daughter is very excited to be having a little sister.. im pretty much prepared becuz i still have most of the stuff my son used like a high chair, tub, blankets, etc. all i have to really shop for is a new stroller, diapers and little girl clothes.. im so excited to finally be able to shop for baby girl clothes. it was really hard to shop for a boy when i had my son. i think they have more variety when it comes to girls. but let me stop rambling for now. let me know if any of u think i should continue with writing more updates on my pregnancy and how its going..i would love to share this experience with u girls..

sincerely, glad to be back lol

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my everyday spring makeup

so yea girls and guys this is my everyday really simple makeup.
for my eyes i used: nyx single shadow in barely there and vanilla shimmer on my lid
in my crease i used milani's single shadow in java bean and dragged it down to my lower lid
for highlight i used too faced's silk teddy which is my all time favorite highlight EVER

on my cheeks i used nyx creme blush in orange and then a peachy and orange blush from the coastal scents double stack palette

lips: revlon lipstick in siren

i love this look for spring because of the bright lips and cheeks with a nice neutral eye really pulls the look together. oh yea forgot to mention im also wearing ardell whispies lashes which i also love very very much. i wear these almost everyday