Friday, January 4, 2013

makeup collection and storage 2013

hey everyone, so i haven't written a post in like forever. my daughter alyvia is one years old now. can u believe it? i know i can't. if you would like to see some updated pictures of how much she has grown let me know. i would love for all of you to see how big and beautiful she is. It is now 2013 and i recently decided that my new year resolution is going to be making more post and more youtube videos. Makeup is a real and true passion for me and i really wanna get somewhere with my passion. But to make my dream come true i need more people with the same passion as myself to subscribe to my channel and follow my blog, so please like and share my videos and my post anywhere you can. Here is the newest video i just uploaded today. It's a makeup storage and collection video featuring my christmas gift from my family (ikea micke desk and alex 9 drawer unit)I hope you enjoy this video

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