Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wet & Wild Coverall cream foundation and powder first impression

Hey guys and girls. I recently picked up this new foundation and powder from wet & wild and wanted to give you all my quick thoughts on it thus far. This foundation claims to 
  • wear all day
  • have medium to full coverage 
  • is lightweight and have a satin matte finish
  • has visibright complex that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates skin

I washed my face as i would normally do and applied toner and moisturizer 

as you can tell from these pictures my skin isn't perfect but i was hoping that this foundation stood up to it's claim and covered some of this mess.

I started off with applying one layer first with my sigma f80 brush which is a flat top and what i always used to apply any foundation. The foundation calmed down some of the redness and covered a good amount of what i needed it to.

I then went in with another layer just to see how much more it can cover and how well the shade i picked out would match me. I picked out a light/medium.
 As you can tell from this image the foundation really got in there and covered up a lot more. so claim one was on point as to say that this is medium to full coverage. i have oily skin and this gave me a semi matte finish. At first it did feel a little heavy but after it settled it was just a little more light weight. 

 As for the coverall powder , it pretty much claims the same thing the foundation does. The one thing i found annoying about this powder was just how much fallout i received from just a tap of my brush. It was just all over of the place. From the image above you can see that i have the sponge is dirty but i have never used it, that was all from the fallout of the powder...

Next i applied the powder on top of the foundation to set  and i am in love with how much more it covered. The shade i picked didn't exactly match me to a tee because i have an olive/yellow tone to my skin and noticed this foundation gave me more of a pick ting to my face... Nothing major though

So i applied this at 4:30pm. Put some mascara and liner but didnt want to mess too much with the foundation or powder so i didnt apply any blush or bronzer. As of this time my makeup looked awesome and i loved it but lets give it a couple of hours and see how it holds up shall we?

After a little while later i got bored and decided to put some eye shadow on.  so here's a little pictorial of that. 

  •    nyx milk jumbo pencil to lid and blend it out
  • mac pigment in polished ivory to 1/2 of lid 
  • mac pigment in mega rich to outer lid
  • blend crease with medium brown from vanity palette from wet & wild
  • outer v dark brown from vanity palette
  • brow bone white creme shade from palette
liner: revlon grow luscious in espresso and covergirl clump crusher mascara

At 7:30pm i was back at my vanity checking how this baby is holding up.... not too bad for 3 hours of wear.. I do have a super oily T zone so that little bit of shine is anything major . I'm kinda glad its only a little on the tip of my nose

At this point in time i was super tired and just wanted to get this off and head to bed so i checked back in another  2 and a half hours later. The shine traveled up my nose and to my forehead but once again not looking like a greasy mess but just a dewy kinda look.

over all i would give this foundation a 4 out of 5.
all it's claims were pretty on point except i can't put an opinion on the visibright claim because i do not have wrinkles and i haven't used it that much to see if it rejuvenates my skin.
the 4 is because of how powdery the powder is and the fact that oil broke through after only 3 hours

price: creamy foundation $4.49 with $1 off coupon on product
coverall powder $2.99
*both products include talc in its ingredients

I hope this was helpful to someone and if u have anything else you would like reviewed please leave a comment below

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