Sunday, August 14, 2011

so ive been since forever...heres why

so yea this is why.... lol.. im pregnant.. 5 and a half months to be exact and we're having a girl... we already have a name picked out and everything.. her name is going to be olyvia beth.. im due dec 18 and we are so excited..this will be my husbands first daughter but MY second.. my daughter is very excited to be having a little sister.. im pretty much prepared becuz i still have most of the stuff my son used like a high chair, tub, blankets, etc. all i have to really shop for is a new stroller, diapers and little girl clothes.. im so excited to finally be able to shop for baby girl clothes. it was really hard to shop for a boy when i had my son. i think they have more variety when it comes to girls. but let me stop rambling for now. let me know if any of u think i should continue with writing more updates on my pregnancy and how its going..i would love to share this experience with u girls..

sincerely, glad to be back lol

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