Tuesday, September 27, 2011

here's another update...28 weeks and 1 day

so as you can tell from the title i am 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant and as you can tell from the photo i'm not even close to being huge (though that's exactly how i feel). i've been feeling so fatigued and overwhelmed. i can't even stand to be in my own body at times, to be quite honest i cant wait to get this baby out of me. i know once she's out i'll be up with her all times of night and ill be struggling taking care of a new born and a toddler but i figure i'll have more energy then, well at least alot more then i have now. i know i sound like i'm just being a big baby and complaining but i just wanna be real about certain pregnancies because not every pregnancy is peaches and creme. with my other 2 kids i was alot better with my emotions and i won't be as tired as i am now. i was even working when i was pregnant with my son. well anyway i just wanted to give you guys and girls the gist of how i've been and how i've been feeling. she's been moving around alot now and my son got to feel his first kick. lol. it was pretty cute because he was so excited about it. we've chosen the name olivia except we're changing the spelling so its more unique so the spelling of her name will now be Alyvia <--- my daughter picked that out. well yea so that's pretty much it and ill talk to u guys another time when i have more pictures of this growing belly...love u all xoxo

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